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Fic: An Early Gift (NC-17)

Title: An Early Gift
Author: SGAtlantisLight
Characters: Rodney, Radek, Carson
Relationships: McKay/Zelenka/Beckett
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Smut! Smarm. And, did I mention smut?
Spoilers: None
Summary: It took him a second to register the hand on his hip, to do the calculation that told him that both Radek's arms were still around his neck, and then someone was slipping in behind him, warm and masculine and smelling faintly of antiseptic and his own personal musk.
Disclaimer: The characters, the setting, etc. are NOT mine, even if I wish they were.
Author's Note: Written for the undermistletoe challenge. Special thanks to rosewildeirish for the beta and for reassuring me that it was okay, despite being written in the midst of the stomach flu. All remaining mistakes are mine, and probably inserted after she last saw it.

Antarctica had been easier. There had been a few military personnel around, but for the most part it had been scientists, too busy with their discoveries to worry overmuch about who was sleeping with whom. Rodney often thought it might have even been love, but he wasn't sure. It had certainly been deeper than anything else he'd ever had-- a bond of friendship and affection wrapped up in nights of passion. Or, well, sleep periods if not nights. Given Antarctica's six-month day followed by an equally-long night, everyone operated by their own internal time clocks. No one seemed to care that he and Carson kept similar hours.

Their arrival in Atlantis changed things. Suddenly, there were military men there, living across the hall and next door from both of them. Rodney hadn't cared, but Carson didn't want to be seen emerging from Rodney's quarters in the morning, didn't want the Marines to see Rodney slipping from his rooms in the middle of the night. He had to treat these men and he didn't want them uncomfortable. So, they'd taken to early evening liaisons, but as the work got more intense and their hours grew, they found themselves drifting apart until finally their evenings stopped altogether.

Then they'd been facing almost certain death and somehow, he'd found himself late at night in a deserted lab with Radek Zelenka on his knees, skillfully sucking him off. When it was all over and they weren't dead and they fought through coming down off the stims together, they found themselves as something-- something less than lovers but more than fuckbuddies.

The trip back to Atlantis from Earth had almost changed everything around again, as he and Carson seemed to be moving toward something again, but then there'd been death and mayhem and days of seriously awful radiation sickness. And nothing had happened. Except within himself.

Rodney spent a lot of time afterward thinking about love and whether he even knew what the word meant, drifting off to sleep trying to work out the geometry of it as he would some law of physics and never quite grasping it. He didn't know why there were mornings where Radek was strangely quiet and thoughtful, giving him speculative glances when he supposedly wasn't looking. He didn't know why he'd catch his current... whatever-Radek-was and his ex-lover speaking together in quiet but intense tones until one or the other would catch sight of him and the conversation would abruptly end. But they never treated him any differently and there were other things occupying his mind.

So time passed, and he found himself sharing a bed with Radek a few times a week, and Carson was supposedly dating Laura Cadman. Crises came and went. Sheppard tried to get himself killed on a semi-regular basis. They made a few friends and a few enemies. They all made huge mistakes, apologised, got over them, and went on.

December arrived and Rodney started noticing decorations going up here and there-- red and green, silver and gold. He was bemused by the tiny pine-like tree hung upside down in Radek's quarters, covered in red and white flowers, but didn't ask. Rodney had never liked Christmas. Or, at least, hadn't ever quite understood it. Other holidays were equally mystifying. He didn't ask because he didn't want to know.

The Christmas music emerging tinnily from Simpson's iPod had finally driven him out of the lab that night-- early for him, but late enough that most people were drifting off to bed. He briefly considered visiting the cafeteria to see if there was anything edible left, but the clash of holiday symbols there kept him away. He'd grab a powerbar in his room.

He was pleasantly surprised to find Radek in his bed, naked, waiting, when he arrived. The Czech smiled lazily at him, Radek's hand drifting down to his own cock. Rodney growled at the sight and pulled off his clothes quickly.

Radek wasn't done with surprising him, though. As soon as he had slid into bed, Radek pulled him in for a kiss. They didn't kiss. Their nights together had been about relieving sexual tension, not romance. He'd missed this simple intimacy, but had never pushed Radek. Now, Radek's lips were on his, hot and demanding. He groaned into the kiss and opened as he felt Radek's tongue sliding against his lips. Radek invaded him at once, tasting of mint and warmth and promise and Rodney lost himself in the exploration of lips and tongue and teeth and dear God how he had missed this!

It took him a second to register the hand on his hip, to do the calculation that told him that both Radek's arms were still around his neck, and then someone was slipping in behind him, warm and masculine and smelling faintly of antiseptic and his own personal musk.

Rodney broke the kiss with a start and turned to take in those impossibly blue eyes, sparkling with mischief. He started to speak, but Carson's lips took the words from him and by the time they came up for air, he couldn't remember what he was going to say. Carson and Radek leaned over him then and he watched in startled awe as their mouths met, exploring each other hungrily.

He meant to say something seductive and manly and worldly-wise, but all that emerged was a weak meeping sound. The two broke their kiss, grinning at him in unison and he considered whether he was dying somewhere on the way to his apartment. Perhaps even now his body was lying in a corridor as friends and co-workers stood in helpless grief, eyes full of shadows and tears. It was the only logical explanation. He'd had an aneurysm and was now in his death throes.

Radek was manhandling him onto his back and stuffing a pillow under his hips while Carson fished the lube out of the bedside table's drawer and who was he to complain? He was dying, after all, so why not? Though he had to wonder why in his death throes he'd be imagining Carson pulling on a latex glove. That had never been part of their sex play before.

"Aren't ye going to say anything, love?" Carson asked, his eyes glinting as he lubed up his gloved fingers.

"Um," Rodney said.

"It's interesting phenomenon," Radek said, grinning at the doctor. "We have rendered him speechless."

Rodney swallowed his protest-- and almost swallowed his tongue-- when Radek went down on him, taking his erection in one smooth slide of lips and tongue and, oh he-didn't-care-if-he-was-an-atheist-God hot mouth. While he was still trying to chase down his thought processes that had scattered like so many electrons in a particle beam, Carson began circling his entrance with one slippery finger and then pushed slowly inside.

"Ung!" he contributed eruditely.

The two men rapidly established a rhythm of suck and slide that was taking him apart completely. Before long, Carson added a second finger and then a third. He'd been sucked and fingerfucked at the same time before, though never by different lovers at the same time, and had always managed to maintain some level of coherency, but he found himself completely and utterly overwhelmed, his whole world focused on the heat of Radek's mouth and the slow, knowing slide of fingers deep within him. Of their own accord, his hips began moving, pushing him up into Radek's eager mouth and then down onto Carson's fingers, filling and then being filled.

He watched as Carson leaned down and dropped kisses on Radek's shoulders, ungloved hand exploring the slender back and shoulders and ass. Radek threaded one hand under Rodney's leg and a second later Carson moaned, "Oh, yes... bloody good..." and Rodney knew that Radek's hand was wrapped around Carson's meaty cock, gliding up and down in counterpoint to his sucking.

It wasn't until Rodney's breath had grown ragged and desperate that Carson curled his fingers, brushing lightly on the sweet spot inside him and making him gasp. He glanced down his body to see Radek grinning around his erection and exchanging an almost predatory glance with Carson, and then Carson's fingers returned to the spot, rubbing, rubbing, insistent and relentless, as Radek sped up on the mouthwork, head bobbing up and down in a driving tempo and the world dissolved into sparks and darkness and screaming, throbbing pleasure.

He was pretty sure that this should be the part where he saw the tunnel of bright light and loved ones who had passed on before him, except he wasn't sure who that would be. Perhaps his grandmother. Did atheists get light and dead loved ones when they died?

Instead, he felt Radek release his now soft cock and Carson carefully slip his fingers out of him. He opened his eyes when he heard Carson pulling the glove from his hand and watched his maybe-no-longer-ex-lover deposit it in the trash and then turn to Radek, their eyes dancing. Wordlessly, Carson leaned forward, tongue darting out to catch a line of Rodney's semen on Radek cheek. Rodney groaned as Carson followed the trail to Radek's mouth where his tongue began plundering the depth of it, seeking the taste of Rodney within the other man.

So, if he wasn't dead, then this was real. He really had two men in his bed who had just brought him to a mindblowing climax. Two men who were in the midst of a wanton battle of tongues and teeth, hands tangling in hair, bodies pressed together. It was the most outrageously incomprehensible thing in a galaxy of insane things and he couldn't look away and couldn't form the words to question what was going on.

When they broke the kiss, Carson said gently, "Are you ready, love?"

Radek tensed, shuddered, but nodded and laid back next to Rodney, knees bent and thighs spread, and Rodney felt his brain slide sideways as Carson pulled on a clean glove and started slicking his fingers with lube again because Radek would do almost anything with his mouth, hands, and cock, but had never let Rodney near his ass.

Radek gave him a nervous smile and tangled his fingers with Rodney's and Rodney rolled to his side, slipped his fingers through Radek's soft hair, and kissed him lightly. "Just relax," he whispered. "Carson's really gentle."

Radek nodded, apparently too nervous to speak, and fastened his eyes on Rodney, focusing all Rodney's attention on his face, lips parted slightly as he breathed too fast, and then he mewled slightly and Rodney kissed him again, petting through his hair reassuringly.

"Relax, love," Carson crooned.

Rodney broke the kiss and Radek exhaled slowly, his body untensing as the air left him.

"That's a lad," Carson said and missed the smile that passed between the other two men at the word. Radek was anything but a lad.

As Carson slowly opened him, Radek's body took on a sheen of sweat as he relaxed into the experience and then tentatively began moving to Carson's rhythm, eyes closed and lips moving silently. Rodney let himself explore both of them, leaning down to kiss Radek and then up to take Carson's mouth, fingers tracing nipples and chests and stomachs and cocks, tasting Radek's throat and shoulder and Carson's chest and nipples. Despite his earlier climax, he found himself hardening as he watched Carson pleasure Radek.

Then Carson pulled back, removed the glove, and fished the condoms out of the drawer and Rodney found himself even more turned on at the thought of the two of them fucking in front of him. Then he realised that Carson had taken two condoms out of the package. Carson grinned at him, tearing open the first one. "It looks like you're both ready for each other."

"But, you--" he said, but let himself be pushed back so Carson could skillfully roll the condom down his length.

He wasn't sure he'd ever seen such an evil glint in Carson's eyes before. "Oh, don't worry, love. I fully intend to take my pleasure in a nice, hot arse, but it's not going to be Radek's."

"Oh. God." He turned to Radek. "You're really... This is... for me?"

Radek smiled and leaned over to kiss him. "Yes, lásko, for you."

Then they were shifting on the bed, till Rodney was kneeling between Radek's thighs and Carson was biding his time behind him and Radek was hooking his feet over Rodney's shoulders, his smile strangely shy and seductive at the same time. Rodney covered his length with extra lube and then carefully positioned himself at Radek's entrance. "You ready for this?" he asked.

Radek nodded. "Yes, milacku."

He pressed forward carefully, watching Radek's face for signs of pain. There was a flash of panic and then he was inside the tight ring, gasping at the sensation. He was thankful now for his earlier climax or he never would have held out with the heat that pressed around him so tight it was almost painful. "Oh, God, Radek!" he gasped.

Radek was panting slightly, but gave him a quick grin. "It's good, then?"

"God, yes!"

Tentatively, he pushed forward till he felt Radek tense, then pulled back, and began fucking the other man with slow, short strokes. With each inward thrust, Radek's flesh opened to him a little more, taking him deeper until he was finally sheathed completely within that heat. He paused then, their bodies trembling, and Carson shifted behind him.

"Lean forward a wee bit, love," he instructed.

Rodney leaned forward and down, pushing Radek's legs back toward his chest, amazed at the Czech's flexibility, and felt Carson's hand spread his ass cheeks. Then Carson's cock was pushing into him, filling him, splitting him open, both of them moaning as the connection filled their senses. He pushed back, impaling himself deeper, and then thrust forward into Radek's body.

It took a bit, but they soon fell into a rhythm. The room filled with wordless cries, hoarse voices, and the sounds of flesh sliding into flesh. In the midst of it, Rodney slipped a hand under Radek's ass and adjusted his height slightly, knowing by Radek's strangled sob that he'd found the right angle. Radek threw his head back and lost himself to the pleasure of it. Carson watching over Rodney's shoulder, gasped when he saw it. "Oh, yes, loves. So beautiful," he murmured.

Rodney tried to concentrate on pleasuring Radek, sliding his cock head against the center within his lover, even as Carson thrust deep and full into him. Radek moved against him, around him, one hand slipping down to wrap around his own cock, matching Rodney's thrust and withdrawal. Rodney watched as the combined assault soon undid Radek and he let out a string of startled Czech as his cock and ass throbbed, coating his belly and Rodney's with semen.

"Oh, God... oh, God..." Rodney gasped as the clenching of Radek's muscles around him pulled him to the edge.

"Oh, yes, loves," Carson whispered. "Come for me, Rodney." And then he sank his teeth into the juncture of neck and shoulder and Rodney came again, eliciting another surprised gasp from Radek as his cock throbbed inside him. Carson lasted only long enough to bury himself deep in Rodney's ass and then was pulsing within him, the heat of it filling him, even through the condom.

They hung in the glow of their joining for a moment, before Radek made a pained sound.

"Move, move," Rodney ordered Carson, carefully pulling out of Radek and lowering his trembling legs to the bed. Carson stilled him for a moment as he pulled out, eliciting twin gasps at the feeling on oversensitised parts.

"Ow! Ow!" Radek cried and grabbed his thigh, where Rodney could see the muscle cramping up.

He quickly dumped his used condom and then turned his attention to massaging Radek's protesting body.

"Let me," Carson offered. Rodney scooted aside and watched as the doctor carefully worked the knot out. "Better?" he asked after a couple minutes.

Radek nodded, smiling. "I should have done stretches, I guess."

Carson chuckled and kissed him, slipping down onto the bed and curling up next to Radek. "By the way, Rodney, happy Christmas."

"Should I point out that Christmas isn't for nearly three weeks?" Rodney asked.

"Aye, we know, but Radek didn't want to see me spending the whole holiday season alone, so we decided to do this on the day that-- er, what's his name, love?"

"Svaty Mikulas," Radek answered.

"Right. Well, the day that he brings sweets and small presents to children in the Czech Republic."

"And you just thought of this out of the blue?" Rodney asked.

"I knew you missed him... and cared for him," Radek said quietly, "so I talked him into this."

Carson nodded. "I'm sorry. I thought you were getting annoyed with me and my bloody aversion to being outted and so I let us drift apart."

"But at least that gave me the chance with you," Radek said.

"Aye, that it did, and I'll not resent that," Carson admitted. "I'm just sorry I lost my priorities. You should have been first."

"Hopefully, I've fixed that," Radek said.

"And how did you know?" he asked Radek.

"You've been talking in your sleep, milacku," Radek answered.

"So... you've been planning this?" Rodney asked, awestruck.

Both men nodded. "I even talked Radek into, well, most of what happened here between you tonight," Carson said.

"I hadn't realised how much you like kissing," Radek admitted. "It just didn't occur to me to do. And I should have let you inside of me long ago. I didn't know what I'd been missing." He gave Rodney a smile that was at once apologetic and amazed. "Sorry."

"God, no! Don't apologise!" Rodney said. "Tonight was just... incredible." Rodney swallowed, hope and fear fighting in his chest. "So, this isn't... isn't just a one-time thing?"

Two sets of blue eyes met his. "Not unless you need it to be, love."

He thought about what had just happened. On the surface, each man had given him the gift of himself, but there was another gift there-- a far greater gift. For they had also given him the gift of the other. Radek had given him Carson, brought him back into his life and his bed. And Carson had given him Radek, closing the circuit of their emotional connection, making Radek his lover in the fullest sense of the word. He hadn't deserved this and felt awed and overwhelmed by the risk and the generosity of what the two men had just done. He had nothing so grandiose to offer them in return, except the words he had never offered because he wasn't sure until this moment that he had them to offer. "I love you... I love you both. And... I could never leave you, either of you."

In one accord, the two men reached up and pulled him down, covering his face with kisses as they slid him between them, smearing Radek's semen everywhere and not caring, until they ended up in a contented tangle of warm bodies and laughter.

He had started to drift off to sleep when the thought occurred to him. "You know," he said, "I thought you two were going to fuck and let me watch."

"Oh, that would be bloody lovely," Carson agreed.

"Yes," Radek agreed. "Perhaps tomorrow."

"Oh, aye. And then perhaps we can take turns in the middle."

"Dear God, what have I done?" Rodney asked the ceiling.

Radek let out a distinctly youthful giggle, then kissed the palm of his hand and then Carson's fingers. "Good night, miláčci."

"Good night, loves," Carson said.

"Night," Rodney said, and felt like he should say more. "Love you guys," he said shyly. The words were strange on his tongue, but somehow right and certainly true, and made the two of them sigh in contentment and settle closer to him.

And as he slid toward sleep with the warmth of his lovers' bodies against him and the feel of their breath ghosting across his skin, Rodney thought that maybe, just maybe, he could learn to like this holiday thing.

Tags: beckett/mckay/zelenka, fiction, slash, smut, threesome

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