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The Author is Evil

Evil Textually Rendered?

April 5th, 2007

Fic: Ritual Objects (NC-17) @ 05:30 pm

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Date:April 6th, 2007 02:30 am (UTC)


*low-fives Teyla*
Now I'm wondering if Sheppard and Ronon were in on the plan, or if John is still really that clueless.
Ronon? Yeah, he knows, whether or not Teyla told him anything.
Yum. And damn straigh Rodney'd be walking a little funny! I would be too after a night of getting pounded yummily by a horny Scot.
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Date:April 6th, 2007 02:37 am (UTC)

Re: *snicker*

Hee. I think John was just worried they'd feel too pressured and it would have repercussions.

"Pounded yummily"? *Loves*


The Author is Evil

Evil Textually Rendered?